10G Will Power The Next Era of Innovation

The 10G network will power the “4th Industrial Revolution,” enabling creators to develop life-changing innovations that consumers will be able to use every day.

How will 10G Boost America’s Economy?

All of this innovation requires significant investment. The cable industry is contributing $126 billion in direct investment and intermediate goods and services over the next seven years. In that time, it will create 676,000 new jobs in construction, manufacturing, and electronic equipment. 

The new innovations and applications that are enabled by 10G will lead to an additional $132 Billion in economic output, and the evolution of the networks will amount to a consumer surplus of $72 Billion. 

10G will usher in the era of “smart homes,” “smart cities,” and even “smart industries,” and it’s impact will be felt in every sector of the economy


in total economic output

What will the 10G network enable for consumers?

  • Play


    will be delivered in super high definition without
any lag, to millions of subscribers.

  • Controller


    will be taken to a new level with richer graphics and increased responsiveness.

  • Healthcare


    will benefit from remote diagnostics and high capacity medical radiology, improving care while removing the inconvenience of travelling for care.

  • Computer network


    will be more engaging and dynamic through immersive technologies like holodecks, head-mounted displays and enhanced collaboration tools like video walls.

  • Briefcase


    will be unencumbered by geography and travel expenses as distance virtual reality will bring people together across the globe.

  • Video chat


    will be able to experience more meaningful connections over distances with enhanced video calling and shared AR/VR experiences.

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