10G will power the next era of innovation

The 10G network will power the “4th Industrial Revolution,” enabling creators to develop life-changing innovations that consumers will be able to use every day.

How will 10G boost America’s economy?


in total economic impact


in total jobs

Direct Network Investment

In order to build the 10G network, cable broadband providers are making significant investments that translate directly to additional GDP and jobs.




Construction Jobs


Electronic Equipment Jobs

Indirect & Induced Network Investment

Direct investments trigger indirect spending through the buying and selling between suppliers and cable operators of things like electric supplies, metal products, etc. and the associated services translate to additional job creation. The household spending resulting from the income generated by the new jobs creates the additional “induced economic effects.”




Manufacturing Jobs


Other Industries Jobs


Deployment of the 10G network will enable cost efficiencies, market expansion, and new business models, causing an increase in GDP. It will also launch another era of innovation that will lead to more start ups and new product teams that all generate additional jobs.





Consumer Surplus

10G will bring increased value to consumers who will be more willing to pay for the enhanced services they receive.



What will the 10G network enable for consumers?

  • Streaming Video

    will be delivered in super high definition without any lag to millions of subscribers.

  • Online Gaming

    will be taken to a new level with richer graphics and increased responsiveness.

  • Healthcare

    will benefit from remote diagnostics and high-capacity medical radiology, improving care while removing the inconvenience of traveling for care.

  • Education and Telework

    will be more engaging and dynamic through immersive technologies like holodecks, head-mounted displays and enhanced collaboration tools like video walls.

  • Business

    will be unencumbered by geography and travel expenses as distance virtual reality will bring people together across the globe.

  • Family and Friends

    will be able to experience more meaningful connections over distances with enhanced video calling and shared AR/VR experiences.

What is happening with 10G now?