10G is the broadbrand network of the future

In order to deliver speeds of 10 gigabits per second with enhanced capacity, reliability, and security, it will require an array of new technologies. Some are already being implemented, and some are still being developed, but all of them will work together to form the 10G platform of the future.


So, how are we going to achieve 10 gigabit speeds?

Deployment of several types of DOCSIS technologies will improve performance of our existing networks, without having to update the infrastructure.

  • Networks will transmit up to 50% more data, enabling improved quality of video conferencing, virtual reality, live gaming, and connected devices.

Low Latency

How will 10G remove 'lag' or latency?

Coherent Optics will enable a single fiber to handle signals moving in both directions, meaning networks can support symmetrical upload and download speeds, shortening response time to 1 millisecond.


How will the 10G networks provideuninterrupted connectivity?

Advancements to Wi-Fi technologies will improve consumer connectivity so they won’t experience any freezing, glitching, slowdown, or other disruption

  • New practices will utilize data from wifi routers to aid in protective network maintenance to detect and resolve any issues in wifi connection. Meanwhile, dual channel wifi will alleviate interruptions caused by network congestion.

  • There will be fewer connection errors due to the enterprise level management of residential networks, detecting issues and resolving them before they become apparent.


How will 10G provide greater protection?

The advanced network management system can identify and organize connected devices in order to isolate security threats and prevent them from damaging the network.


How does 10G help 5G Wireless?

With a high-speed network that covers most of America, wireless operators will use broadband for ‘mobile backhaul’ to transmit a call over distances, with wireless signals only being sent at the two end-points. This will reduce the strain on the mobile network and improve wireless service–10G broadband technology is going to enable the wireless 5G future.

What is happening with 10G now?