1 Gig Home Internet Speeds Are Here

The path to 10-gigabit internet speeds begins with the 1-gigabit speeds currently available to more than 88% of Americans, up from just 4% in 2016.

1G Availability

Percentage of U.S. households with access to 1G


Source: FCC Data

The Impact of 1 Gig

The internet was already essential in our daily lives, and when the global pandemic hit, our network was prepared to handle the surge in traffic. From working remotely on video calls all day, to streaming our favorite shows at night we rely on super-fast connections to support how we live, learn, work, and play. With internet speed and capacity ushering in the gigabit era, this "opportunity infrastructure" is laying the groundwork for all kinds of new experiences, and will power America's digital future.


As we continue to build out access to 1G speeds and beyond, we're fueling innovations that support our imagination and have the power to change our lives.

How is 1G a Springboard?

Millions of miles of fiber-rich broadband networks have been deployed over the last several decades, powering our video and broadband internet experiences. New technologies have dramatically improved the ability of these networks to transfer the data and bits that make up the websites and apps we use at a much higher rate. These improvements have already enabled cable's infrastructure to achieve 1-gigabit speeds, and further development and deployment of these technologies will enable the same networks to deliver 10-gigabit speeds in the coming years.

Why do we need 10G?

With more people using the internet around the world, more devices per person, and richer experiences across those devices, the demand on our networks is limitless. Streaming video continues to grow. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are taking off. Gaming experiences are getting more immersive, and connected multiplayer gamers are gaining popularity. As internet traffic continues to grow exponentially, our networks must stay ahead of the demand.


Devices will be connected to the network by 2023*

*Source: Cisco Annual Internet Report

We're Using More Connected Devices

What isn't connected these days? From computers to phones, to smartwatches, smart speakers, smart lights, and beyond, the number of devices per person is growing rapidly. In 2023 there will be 29.3 billion connected devices, up from 18.4 billion in 2018

What is happening with 10G now?